The Ankle Express - Life and times of William Victor Gray 10/29/21-8/20/12


The Ankle Express is called such because my father William Victor Gray born October 29, 1921 traveled via his two feet, which he and his buddies called The Ankle Express.  When they ran it was the ankle express to be sure!  Of course he rode on horse-drawn buckboards or by means of one of his two horses named Bud and later Prince. 

My dear father has graciously gifted me with numerous stories throughout my life of which I finally took seriously, recorded and finally typed.

Throughout The Ankle Express real life stories are disclosed.  

I hope you enjoy my father’s history as much as I have collecting it and sharing these morsels of time gone by. 

Just think, at his current age of 90 ½ years, born October 29, 1921, he saw, rode on, and worked using horse and buckboard farming the hills and valleys of Osage County, MO with his dear father William Theodore Gray. 

Not long into my father’s life, the horseless carriage came to the very small town of Vienna, MO. 
Only the wealthy were privy to these magical wonders that many thought would quickly leave.  Because, how could a mechanical device such as the likes of a noisy, coughing, stuck-in-the-mud-often piece of machinery ever succeed against the likes of the horse?  


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Within these 300 + pages actual humorous lifetime historical stories unfurl such as:
  • The coons under the moon.
  • Hogs and the humor that dear grandfather issued on that very special day.
  • All about out-house hilarity.
  • Preserving of foods.
  • Skinny dipping at Forks Creek.
  • A day in a farmers life
  • The Depression 
  • Skinny dipping behind Missouri's state capitol!
  • The Navy years - 37 months in the Navy Armed Guard - aboard Merchant Marine ships
  • Impending mutiny aboard the Algonquin
  • Trinidad
  • Guantanamo Bay
  • Hull England -the Blitz
  • Loch Ewe Bay - Scotland
  • Papua New Guinea
  • V-day
  • Medal's won....and so much more.....
                  Second Section.....Those that came immediately before Wm. Victor Gray

  • The Civil War - great and great-great grandfather
  • Wm. Victor Grays siblings
  • And all the reality, sadness and humor a kind sweet family can awaiting you

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