As a tribute and an honor to Big Mac 1998

As a tribute and an honor to BIG MAC

by: William ‘Scobbie’ Gray

Written just after the big `62’ - 9:00 p.m., 9-8-98 © Copyright

Big Mac, is center stage now,

  As he digs in at the plate,

The hands on the clock seem motionless,

  Portraying it’s not too late.

In the still of the moment he waits there

  And slowly adjusts the bat,

With eyes as a soaring Eagle

  Poised as a mountain cat.

9-7-98 twas some kind of special date,
  Not too soon did it fall,
Nor did it come too late.

  With the smoothness of the Texas Rattler,
Mac follows through on the ball,
  And sends that famous object soaring,
Out ore the center field wall.

  All joys of heart, in a young sons life,
Could culminate any better,
  61 & 62 fulfilling it to the letter.

Again Big Mac is center stage,
  As he strides around the field.
An ovation, beyond all you’ve ever heard,
  That mighty throng did yield.

As he toes one and all the bases,
  Carrying as though the marathon flame,
He’ll end up among them all,
  In that magnificent hall of fame.

A scramble ensues among the fans,
  And when the bedlam settles,
A person emerges from the heap,
  Holding a somewhat precious medal.

9-8-98 another day begins anew,
  The barbershop is humming.
There’s electric among the crew,
  Eekybeeky’s all their getting.
While the fat they choose to chew.

  Dan Rather’s broke the humdrum,
To announce Big “62”,
  And I’ll not even attempt to describe it,
The day the nation blew!  

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